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What is offers DPS simulation data for everyone for World of Warcraft. Comparing different setups often requires simulations. To ease this need for information offers a wide range of prepared simulation data. This way you can get your overview a lot quicker and get back into the action faster.

As with all prepared information, the exact context of your character is missing and that can change the outcome. Patrons of this project are able to create their own custom charts with their own character input. This way they can get a for them specific overview.

If you enjoy this resource and want to see it continued, or want to create your own charts? Become a Patron:

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How is the data generated?

SimulationCraft is used to generate all the data you can find here. Creating the required input to run SimulationCraft and managing the process is done by the open source project bloodytools.

What settings are used to create the data?

Setting CastingPatchwerk HecticAddCleave
Profile/Tier T27 (Sanctum of Domination) T27 (Sanctum of Domination)
Iterations 20000 (sufficient to reach target_error) 20000 (sufficient to reach target_error)
Target Error 0.1% 0.2%
Max Time 300 seconds 300 seconds
Vary Combat Length 20% 20%
Fixed Time true true
Default Actions true true
Optimize Expressions true true
Ready Trigger true true

Are the charts up to date?

Each chart shows it's generation UTC date timestamp in its subtitle.

Can I trust the general charts?

Yes-ish - they offer an overview. Your own equipment (e.g. legendary and trinkets) and talents make your character unique. Therefore, simming your own character is the most effective way to know which performs best. Become a patron to be able to create your own custom charts specific to your character.

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Who contributed?

A big shout out to everyone who took part in the journey to reach this point. Without your feedback wouldn't be as smooth as it is. All feedback is highly appreciated, so share your opinion on Twitter @bloodmallet! Special mentions go to:

Can I use the charts/data from

Yes! Of course! All data is free to use for everyone. Just one suggestion: Don't take screenshots from charts to show data. Screenshots tend to quickly become outdated. Instead have a look at this chart importer. With this you can very easily add any chart you want to your page directly and always get the most up to date information. A shoutout to where you get the data from and some support would be appreciated. Or: Link directly to and let your users explore charts here.

How can I contact you?

How do I report a bug?